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Catchment health a priority for SEQ

Written by  26 October 2015
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Seqwater has welcomed today’s release of the 2015 Healthy Waterways Report Card, which identifies catchment health as key to water quality.

This year’s report recognises the increasing amount of sediment entering South East

Queensland waterways as the number one issue affecting water quality.

Seqwater Chief Executive Officer Peter Dennis said he was pleased the report card addressed this pressure on water quality, as well as its impact on the social benefits of waterways.

‘As growing amounts of mud and silt are washed into our dams, it becomes more difficult to treat water, which increases the cost and duration of treatment,’ Mr Dennis said.

‘Caring for our catchments really is one of the best ways to protect the security of our drinking water supply.

‘Seqwater is working in partnership with Healthy Waterways, the state government, Council of Mayors (SEQ) and water utilities to prioritise remediation and revegetation works to stabilise riverbanks within South East Queensland’s catchments.’

Healthy Waterways Chief Executive Officer Julie McLellan said this year’s monitoring program had been expanded to focus on the amount of sediment in the region’s waterways.

‘The 2015 report card highlights the need to accelerate our efforts to reduce sediment runoff in both rural and urban areas,’ Ms McLellan said.

‘In addition, our new Waterway Benefits Rating provides an understanding of how social and economic benefits, such as waterway recreation, are impacted by changing environmental conditions, and what needs to be done to protect and enhance these benefits.’

Mr Dennis said more than 2.7 million people had visited Seqwater’s dams, lakes and parks last year.

‘So it is important we also address the conditions which can impact activities at our lakes,’ he said.

‘Healthy catchments will continue to provide desirable locations for people to enjoy

recreationally, in addition to ensuring a safe and reliable drinking water supply for the region.’

For further detail about the 2015 Healthy Waterways Report Card, visit


For more information about Seqwater and its services, visit www.seqwater.com.au

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