Remember WATSYS and WATHAM?

Written by  07 July 2015
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Over 30 years ago, when the entire world’s data input was text, they were some of the world’s best and fastest computational engines – and they still are! 

Now, their data manipulation and mapping tools make users pretty fast.

The recently released Version 11 embodies a suite of updated productivity tools, such as:

• an integrated database of property land parcels, contours and customer water meters

• nodes and pipes drape onto underlying terrain

• existing customers’ water demands assign themselves to pipes and nodes

• a smart pipe library, containing popular pipe vendor products

• pipe choice and installation conditions compute pipe celerity

• analyse transients in small process modules with sub-metre pipe lengths

• select a pipe class to define maximum allowable working head.

WATSYS and WATHAM love field test data (hydraulic and water quality). We never tire of hearing how impressed our customers are with the strong correlation between field test data and WATSYS / WATHAM results. HCP Software’s products assist some of Australia’s most experienced hydraulic engineers, who are often called in to resolve project commissioning issues. HCP Software takes comfort in knowing that its products deliver quality engineering outcomes, even in difficult situations.

When was the last time your project teams took our software for a test drive? We believe that you will appreciate their power, economy and price point.

In what direction does your business need to see hydraulic/water quality simulation tools improve? We would love to hear your requirements. HCP Software has a set of prospective improvements. Talk to us! Help us deliver the ones that fit your business drivers.

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