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For 50 years, Total Eden has been one of Australia’s leading providers of water management products and services. At Total Eden, total water management is everything. 
SAS Water Solutions is an integral part of the SAS Solutions Group, which has expertise in water and wastewater. 

Big data – smart water

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01 July 2015 Published in Intelligent water solutions
‘Big data’ represents real opportunities for the water industry, and this is driving investment in smart water technologies. As the cost of storing data has reduced, and the collection of data has become easier, the…
Wastewater traditionally requires numerous complex, energyintensive treatments to realise fit-for-purpose water re-use; however, Baleen allows for inline clarification in as little as one step. The key economic driver for Baleen is its fast capital payback…
TRILITY is a proud Australian company with more than 20 years’ experience delivering water utility services across the full life cycle of water.

Hydro Australia – a Hydro company

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01 July 2015 Published in Pumping
Hydro Australia, which was opened in October 1998, is a pump aftermarket service centre in Hydro’s worldwide pump service organisation.
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