Make your pipe dream a reality

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01 July 2015 Published in Pipeline Solutions
Unscheduled downtime is a headache for any organisation – continuous productivity is vital to run a smooth and efficient operation.

Stainless water solution package

Written by Eden
01 July 2015 Published in Pipeline Solutions
With increased height of buildings, pressures, and lifetime expectations, people are turning to stainless steel for their water solutions. 

Leading the way in pipeline solutions

Written by Eden
01 July 2015 Published in Pipeline Solutions
Total Flow Control is a privately owned company that continues to experience business growth across Australia.  
With so many different types of locators on the market today, what should a prospective purchaser look for when determining what type of pipe locator to buy? 
Plastic pipe is now the material of choice for servicing most of Australia’s current and future water needs. It may surprise you that in the cities of Australia, plastic pipe provides around 85 per cent…
Known colloquially as ‘keyhole surgery for the environment’, trenchless technology is a non-invasive construction technique used in a variety of government-funded infrastructure projects. Its uses range from the construction of tunnels and the installation of…
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