Larger wastewater pump station constructed for Adelaide’s northwestern suburbs

Written by  15 June 2015
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The Queensbury Wastewater Pump Station is a key pump station in the SA Water network, supporting a population of almost 50,000 in Adelaide’s north-western suburbs. The pump station was originally constructed in 1935, and collects wastewater from around 20,000 properties, before pumping to the Bolivar Wastewater Treatment Plant for treatment and discharge or re-use.

An $18-million upgrade was completed late last year, which saw the construction of a new, larger pump station with a lifespan of 80 years, to cater for increases in population, growth and development. It also ensures that the station complies with contemporary design standards, and maintains safe operating and maintenance requirements, as well as increasing the station’s capacity to prevent wastewater overflow and environmental incidents.

One of the challenges of the project was to construct the new pump station while keeping the existing one fully operational. The new pump station building was constructed alongside the existing station, and underground pipework was established to link the new pump station to the wastewater network. The existing pump station was then demolished.

An odour-control facility was constructed using new technology to reduce the risk of odours impacting on the surrounding community. A new stormwater detection system and a communications and control room were also added to the plant. Architectural screening and landscaping was then constructed to complement the local environment.

The upgraded plant is environmentally sustainable and efficient, ensuring that noise from the pump is contained within the site, and that a safe working environment is provided for operations and maintenance staff.

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