Quality plus value – it CAN be done!

Written by  01 July 2015
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Every business owner wants to get the most out of their money – and that means finding a way to balance price and quality.


The water and wastewater industries are no exception. Water assets have a job to do, and when quality isn’t what it should be, the results often aren’t good. If assets break down or fail to endure, it can lead to costly repairs, compliance issues and expensive downtime.

Those types of problems sound easy to predict, but it can still be tempting to compromise on ‘good enough for now’ quality when the bottom line of your project is staring you in the face. In this global economy, there is increasing pressure to deliver more: better, faster and cheaper. And it is precisely because of the global economy that it is becoming possible to do just that.

More and more Australian companies are looking across international borders to find new solutions to this ageold problem. In particular, more and more Australian companies are turning to China1. China is the world’s largest country2, with the world’s second-largest economy3, and it’s dealing with all of the same issues as we are when it comes to water and wastewater treatment.

Where China has an advantage is in the size of its population – that gives them the scale to develop materials that are more cost-efficient. But working with untested international suppliers can be risky. What if they don’t understand the expectations of Australian businesses? Water assets need to deliver on local, Australian Standards for quality – in materials, installation and performance.

That’s where Australian ingenuity comes in: smart Australian firms that carefully select the right products from the right Chinese suppliers, to deliver the quality that clients need, along with the kind of value that clients want.

From quality assurance during production, to local installation and relationship management, these local firms are putting their reputations on the line – so they know they have to deliver. Water assets with quality and value? It can indeed be done. Just trust the locals who keep their hearts in Australia and their eyes on the world.

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