Tanks and pipelines

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07 July 2015 Published in Water Storage
Linings solutions for the water and wastewater industry  
Saunders has been in a position to offer customers turnkey project engineering and delivery options since the early 2000s.

Link-Seal: a liquidand gas-tight mechanical seal

Written by Eden
01 July 2015 Published in Water Storage
Link-Seal is a mechanical seal that can be easily installed to seal the annular space between pipes and the penetrations that they pass through.

Tricky dam question to answer

Written by Staff Writers
20 June 2015 Published in Water Storage
Debates about how we store and use water need to be had, despite them often becoming a case of ‘easier said than done’. The question of dams and their effectiveness in storing Australia’s water is…

Water storage for greener pastures

Written by Staff Writers
19 June 2015 Published in Water Storage
The need to store water has existed for as long as humankind. But technologies are always advancing, making water storage solutions more effective and more sustainable than ever.
Three federal politicians will fly over central Queensland today to look at options for new dams in the region.
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