An innovative upgrade to the energy plant at the Bolivar Wastewater Treatment Plant, which commenced in August 2012, will see up to 85 per cent of the power used at the plant generated on site through wastewater gases. The $25.8-million project will connect and install new infrastructure to create electricity from the available biogas created as a by-product of the sewage treatment process.

In September 2014, SA Water’s $5.75-million reverse osmosis desalination plant at Hawker, in the Flinders Ranges, began operating with the capability of supplying up to 440 kilolitres of treated drinking water per day to local homes and businesses.

Since 1971, wastewater from the southern area of Adelaide has been treated at the Christies Beach Wastewater Treatment Plant at O’Sullivan Beach. As part of the treatment process, sludge was pumped to lagoons located on the banks of the Onkaparinga River for drying, removal and recycling. With expansion of housing development in the area, a commitment was made to decommission the lagoons and rehabilitate the site.

Australian private water utility TRILITY is pleased to announce it has entered into a purchase agreement with Water Infrastructure Group Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of US company Pentair plc, to acquire the operating and maintenance contracts of its operations business. The agreement covers the operation and maintenance of 35 treatment plants through six major contracts spanning New Zealand, Victoria and South Australia.

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