Water price regulation: lessons from the United Kingdom

Australia can learn from regulatory changes in the United Kingdom, which could help water utilities put the customer front and centre in a competitive market. Water price regulation is transforming – from frameworks that focus on incentivising cost efficiency and efficient pricing structures, to better engagement with customers about their values and priorities, and using … Continued

Unique Water Supply Demand Model key to Western Australia’s growth

Unprecedented investment in Western Australia’s economic productivity at the start of the 21stcentury brought a surge in water demand to support development. Over the past 30 years in Western Australia, average annual water use has grown about 2.8 per cent per year in total – including urban water use (by 1.6 per cent per year), … Continued

Drugs in our waterways, the bugs and beyond

You could call it accidental pollution – it’s when medicines designed for humans find their way into rivers and streams, and are accumulated in insects and their predators. In world-first research, freshwater ecologist Dr Erinn Richmond and colleagues detected dozens of pharmaceutical compounds in aquatic insects living in Victorian creeks. She also found that the … Continued

Your drinking water could be saltier than you think (even if you live in a capital)

By Ian Wright, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Science; Jason Reynolds, Research Lecturer in Geochemistry; and Michelle Ryan, Lecturer in Environmental Health and Management, Western Sydney University. As the drought drags on, small communities in eastern Australia are turning to emergency water supplies. Often, this means bore water, which has prompted health fears over its high salt … Continued

Energy-saving, future-driven solutions to be showcasedat 2018 Irrigation Australia expo

13–15 June, International Convention Centre, Sydney Leading-edge technology “from outer space” that optimises irrigation will be among hundreds of products and solutions showcased at next month’s Irrigation Australia International Conference and Exhibition. Registrations are now open for both the conference and free exhibition— the southern hemisphere’s largest and highest-profile irrigation event, featuring more than 80 … Continued

Registrations open for 2018 Irrigation Australia expo

Early-bird conference rates close 20th April Registrations are now open for the 2018 Irrigation Australia International Conference and Exhibition. The biennial event – which includes the southern hemisphere’s largest irrigation conference with more than 80 local and international speakers – will be held from Wednesday 13th to Friday 15th June, 2018, at the new International … Continued

Managing turbidity to prevent infection

  It is universally accepted that turbidity is a good indicator of overall water treatment plant performance. This is further evident in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines: Draft Framework on Microbial Health Based Targets (HBT), where default recommended LRVs (Log Reduction Values) for Bacteria, Virus and Cryptosporidium are attributed to water treatment processes based on … Continued

Hach® RTC Real Time Control Solution

The Hach’s RTC (Real Time Control) solutions are complete off-the-shelf systems that adjust treatment processes in real time, keeping your facility compliant while reducing treatment costs. Standardised RTC modules can be combined and configured to deliver a holistic water treatment optimisation solution tailored to plant specific requirements that will improve compliance and reduce operating expenses. … Continued

Tackling water quality challenges from source to tap

Servelec Technologies – a leading provider of end-to-end data collection, control and optimisation solutions for the water industry – is continuing to help authorities tackle significant monitoring and control challenges. Faced with a drying climate and increasing demands, suppliers have a continued responsibility to provide sufficient sustainable and safe drinking water to Australia’s increasing population. Servelec Technologies is assisting by … Continued

Looking for urban water research?

Need it quickly and want it to be relevant? In Australia, substantial investment has been made in urban water research; however, as many in the industry know, accessing this growing bank of information and knowledge remains a challenge, as it is spread across many websites, organisations and libraries. Knowing what research is out there is only half the battle – … Continued

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