Tackling water quality challenges from source to tap

Servelec Technologies – a leading provider of end-to-end data collection, control and optimisation solutions for the water industry – is continuing to help authorities tackle significant monitoring and control challenges.

Faced with a drying climate and increasing demands, suppliers have a continued responsibility to provide sufficient sustainable and safe drinking water to Australia’s increasing population. Servelec Technologies is assisting by helping suppliers to monitor and control their remote assets and water sources with greater efficiency and accuracy through the acquisition, management and use of real-time data.

Data acquisition

Servelec Technologies manufactures the Kingfisher, TBox and Seprol ranges of remote telemetry units, which each provide a secure, proven and reliable solution for collecting data from, and controlling, geographically dispersed assets in the harshest environments. Servelec Technologies’ hardware includes solutions for the most demanding supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) applications through to low-power data-logging challenges in remote environments for applications such as water distribution, pump transfer, tank monitoring, and control and recycling, plus many more.

Rich enterprise SCADA and telemetry

Servelec Technologies’s scalable SCOPE SCADA platform collects and adds value to water companies’ asset performance data by integrating with other sources of information, providing a holistic view of operations in real time. SCOPE’s availability, resilience and market-leading security is why it is used to monitor and control assets from single pumps to whole corporate enterprise systems.

Data harvesting and analytics

Servelec Technologies’ suite of business optimisation software-as-a-service solutions is breaking new ground globally for water companies. Most recently, Water Corporation, the principal supplier of water and wastewater services in Western Australia, began a trial of MISER, Servelec Technologies’ network management advisory software, as it seeks to change the way it manages the yield from surface and groundwater sources, and operate its network over the medium to long term. In addition, Sydney Water, Australia’s largest water company, is currently undertaking a ‘proof of concept’ of Servelec Technologies’s market-leading asset management software, PIONEER, to optimise its mains renewals program to improve cost-effectiveness and reduce the occurrence of disruptive failures. Etienne Clauw, Servelec Technologies Sales Manager for Australia and New Zealand, says, ‘Despite the challenges facing Australian water authorities, this is an exciting time for data-driven developments, in the industry.

Servelec Technologies is at the forefront of these developments, and is committed to helping water companies improve their quality and security of supply while managing operating costs through the end-to-end systems we provide, including solutions for acquisition, presentation and analysing of realtime operational data’.

To find out more about Servelec Technologies’s end-to-end solutions for the water industry, visit www.servelec-technologies.com/water, email info.australia@servelec-technologies.com or call +61 03 8544 8544.

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